She stands tall like a sunflower
sweet as lilac
Bright like a lilly
and strong as a rose
But all she’s ever been
is a dandelion deep within
Grounded roots between the cracks.
Beat her down
but she’ll always come back


Abort abort!

No one sleeps beside her
no one holds her hand.
No one to kiss her
or tell her they understand.
The world passes by her
everyday quicksand.
The world passes by her
splits on a dime.
Everyday she tries.
Everything changes
always rearranges.
She won’t win this time.


Four years I’ve lost, maybe more.
I’m done with fear, holding hatred, and panic attacks.
This time, I’m taking my life back.


Fucking fadeout ..I hate the fade. Just once, can’t something last, too much to ask


Upset tummy. Two smokes later .. problem solved.

Upset tummy. Two smokes later .. problem solved.

When it’s all said and done, she’ll still have a mile left to run.
Only time will tell, she creates her own hell.
The one she holds close, she’ll slowly fear most.
The one she held dear, will soon disappear.
The one she chose, nobody knows.
The one she disowned, no longer walks alone.
Maybe then, she’ll see.
Her true enemy, isn’t me.


With tearstained cheeks

and piercing lashes

She’ll force a smile

till all this passes


Why hello there

She wants it to end

no more questions

no more doubt.

She wants a cure

she wants to know for sure.

Is she in or is she